Mark J. Hughes
Welcome to my photography website.  

     Purchased from other websites such as MaxPreps, these photographs you'll find on the next pages would sell for $20-$50 depending on size.  I am offering them free for your personal use since there are kids out there who can't afford a meal, let alone a market-priced photograph.  So my gift to you are these photographs.

   But now I need your help.
 Some of the equipment is wearing out and requires replacement.  And I'm hoping that if you are able you will replace the camera body ($1900) and lens ($2100) so that I may continue.  Or if that's a bit outside your budget, there is nothing to stop you from making a modest donation of $5, $10, or even $20 dollars.  Do what others are doing and donate now in any amount you choose.

     And your donations are necessary to help me to replace them, or there might not be any future pictures.  And the ones here could one day dissapear.

     This page will redirect in 30 seconds.  But before you go to enjoy the gift of the photographs I am providing to you, take a moment to click on one of the donation links below to reciprocate.

Mark J. Hughes
Donation Goal

Families that understand the urgent nature of this request include:

The Kasparian Family, The Greenfield Family, The McReynolds Family, the Hendrickson Family